Whom Gods Destroy: None Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

This is our second foray-gone-wrong into a mental hospital. The first time, we were treated to a doctor gone crazy. This time? The patients have taken control.

One of the inmates recites one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and I just wanted to at least give that sonnet since I won’t be writing one.

Also, can we just note that the inmate doing the recitation is the only female patient in the galaxy’s most secure mental hospital. In ’60s television, there are only female guest stars for obvious reasons; but, if you just look at it as a case of a mental hospital with only one female patient, that seems to suggest that in the coming centuries women — as illogical as they are outside of Vulcan — have superior mental health.

No new sonnet. Short post. A happy thought to ponder.

Starfleet Academy philosophy elective: Non-Vulcan Females — Illogical & In Control



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