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Where No Man Has Gone Before: If Mr. Spock Asks You to Kill a God, You Say Yes!

Correct me if I’m wrong: Vulcans are a peaceful and noble race; Vulcans are super-respectful of all life and knowledge; and, a Vulcan would never suggest killing/murder/extermination except as a last resort when absolutely necessitated by the Greater Good.

I’m right? Huh, that’s funny, because Kirk seemed completely oblivious to all points.

I don’t care if they were friends at the academy. I don’t care that he kinda-sorta represents the next stage in human evolution. I don’t even care that his reciting a sonnet was the first-ever mention of poetry on the series and thus my reason for choosing to write sonnets for this project.

I just care that the most peaceful, noble, logical man in the universe stated outright that the best course would be to end the guy’s life.

Pull the trigger, Kirk.
Pull. The. Trigger.

It’s times like these that I agree with my father on “That’s illogical” being Vulcan for “F*ck you.”