What Are Little Girls Made Of? Transcen-dental-ism

Holy Christmas. Kirk kissed an android so hard she was forced to admit feelings for someone else just to get away! Where can I get a man with lips like that? On second thought, don’t tell me. I’d probably end up crying and that’s always gross.

Also, Christine Chapel said she loved Spock two episodes ago and suddenly she’s engaged AND upset that her fiancé went and built himself a half-dressed fembot to keep himself company. For those wondering, that’s called projecting.

What makes me all sorts of happy inside though is Chapel’s fiancé’s attempt to create what’s known as the Singularity; the consciousness of a man living forever inside a computer. Ever hear of Ray Kurzweil? Go download/watch Transcendent Man, covers all the good stuff and none of the terrifying stuff from that Johnny Depp trailer.