This Side of Paradise: Paradise Left

Spores are making everyone emotional — starting with Spock! He’s smiling. He’s just hanging out. He’s kissing the pretty blonde (an honor usually bestowed on the captain). What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, right, the spores brainwash you against leaving and from making any sort of societal progress. Ugh. So how do we get out of this one?

Well, first Kirk starts a fight with Spock which leads them to start a planet-wide brawl. Second, Spock is forced to break his girlfriend’s heart for her own good.

Disappointing note: we would have learned Spock’s first name if we were capable of pronouncing it.

Final, sad note: Spock admits to having been happy for the first time in his life.

Sonnet 13
The place where hard was meet for soft —
and doubts so many pages scrapped —
there could have kept a quiet croft
and all the coming years been lapped;
but, so much learning rooted out
the plot that was so soon to sprout.
Do you not mourn the joy made void
once logic old has been deployed?
Here lies the stuff that could not keep
upon a shelf, like so much jam,
and science could not make exam
without a corse in slumber deep.
It was a tool for constant use
until it made itself a noose.



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