The Time Trap: The Mouth Shut

I wanted more from this. There were so many little ways they could have just shifted the focus of the episode and made it into something really special.

I wanted more clarity as to what Spock was at and how Kirk was magically providing all the logic. I wanted them to play with the possibility of a future peace with the Klingons (that whole back-stabby bit just reinforced they’re flat villainy).

I really wanted them to pull more from the Orion female’s desire to see her home again and her resignation that it would never be. How many centuries passed of using her culture’s penchant for seduction to get captains to take her with them on their escape attempts before she herself accepted her fate? How can she not understand the Enterprise’s attempts one minute and then wax nostalgic about her own attempts the next?

Her character had so much potential and they just completely dropped the ball. It doesn’t matter if this is a cartoon. It could have been amazing.

Sonnet 74
Look you upon the firmament,
the stars that in their paths are fixed
today but yesterday had spent
full lives all dark and light atwixt.
How many do you count would change
their fate and so would rearrange
the very heavens you see now
to gleam with sweat upon their brow?
Who'd honor waive to be humble?
Of all the faults there are to find,
what virtue so enthralls the mind?
Who to earth from skies would tumble
find only days so filled with strife
there is no other word but Life.



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