The Survivor: Who You Pretend to Be

The idea of becoming the thing or person you pretend to be has clearly been around for a while and every iteration has its pluses and minuses. Rethinking your priorities, usually a plus. Losing touch with who or what you once were, a minus (for the character, but brilliant to experience as an audience member).

What was particularly nice about this iteration was the shapeshifting alien’s concern for not being wholly accepted with this new sense of self and how that played out. To tell the truth I wish they had explored it a little more.

I may just have to do that myself. 😉

Sonnet 68
You are who you pretend to be,
your character the sum of all
you say and do until you see
the score of who you were made small.
You are the talents that you share,
your every chance to grow, to care,
to ever make yourself anew
in company of trusted few.
You are deceiving none but you
in thinking that you have no home,
that lonely you must always roam.
You are deceiving none but you
when you attempt to push away
the one who's heart was made to stay.



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