The Slaver Weapon: The Final Word

Goodness gracious. Spock dorked out so hard over a historic technological mystery that he got himself and Sulu and Uhura into trouble?!

Somebody hold me!

Spock’s giving mission logs. Spock’s putting things into Vulcan terms and Sulu’s just going with it without making a fuss like any of it’s going over his head. Spock’s having to cover his butt with Uhura regarding his acknowledgement of human females as being intelligent creatures.

This episode was a downright Spock-fest and I loved every second of that aspect of the story. What didn’t I love?

A semi-psychic species somehow not evolving to show any compassion towards those whose minds they are able to delve into. Add it to the sh*tlist. Right there, next to humans and “advanced” species declaring they have no comprehension of prejudice and the common cold because they’re just too f*cking evolved.

Give me a break.
And more Spock.
Sonnet 76
How did the mighty fall so far
we know not even by what face
they traveled forth from star to star
to make a home of every place?
And did they fall or did they fly
to such great heights by any sky
they better viewed the greatest flaw
of those who would at greatness claw?
Perhaps they chose a seeming fall,
releasing all the tension their
bright history put in the air
so as to be preserving all
the parts that best are legacy
for eyes with virtue well to see.



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