The Paradise Syndrome: Ask Me No Questions

Mystery of several Earth-like planets inhabited by English-speaking humanoids revealed! Turns out it was some ancient, awesome race called the Preservers. In this episode we see three Native American Indian groups merged into one on a perfect twin of Earth and just half a galaxy away.

Then things happen like Kirk losing his memory, being mistaken for a god, becoming the medicine man, marrying the high priestess, and more. That’s right. More! But I can’t tell any of it to you without there being major spoilers which I haven’t been worried about in the past but I’m still not entirely convinced I shouldn’t be and well here I am not really spoiling anything except to say:

Sonnet 28
There is no test man can devise
to prove the mettle of a god
without loss of his seeming wise
when so unwilling yet to plod.
There is no test man can devise
that woman cannot realize;
where he is the sum of action,
her kind is the final traction.
There is no test man can devise
that does not part one from other
and so void the mean of brother.
There is no test man can devise
that would deliver paradise
without some lasting sacrifice.

Starfleet Academy special lecture: Coping With The Loss of The Life You Built Back When You Had Amnesia

Oh, one more thing and I swear I’m done: Kirk’s wife is awesome. As sexist as it is for there to be rules pertaining to who she marries, she does actually have the ability to use those rules to her advantage.



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