The Naked Now: Don’t Stop Me Now

Well, now, that was ridiculous.

The title may have given away the punchline, but it may have gotten a little mangled in the process. In the original series all infected crew were overcome by their most powerful-yet-hidden emotional drives, and that was it. They weren’t described as being drunk (except maybe Sulu with his whole Dumas schtick).

So everyone – including Data, who we discover to be fully functional – basically gets blitzed out of their minds by coming into contact with one another’s sweat and the results are … yikes.

Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard are super-flirty (but devoted enough to their duties to just hold it together).

Troi goes after Ryker and the height difference exacerbated by certain camera angles makes her look like an awkward little girl (yet even after carrying her to sickbay he’s still one the most slowly affected of everyone integral to the story’s plot).

Yarr takes advantage of Data’s functionality but not before slipping into an open-back/open-belly number that either she was hunching over in because she could feel her under-boob peaking out and was scared the rest might follow, or else the shoulder pads just made her look like she was hunched over. Or both.

The only thing not ridiculous was that Geordie started out feeling playful because of the intoxication, but then hit revealed that he’s one of those people who – when drinking – hit their internal wall and then get depressed. His issue? He can see more than those with site, but not better.

He actually admits to never seeing a rainbow which – given Lamar Burton’s eventual and best ever career choice – made that line particularly difficult to hear.

Oh. Did I not mention that pubescent/drunk William Crusher was the pain-in-the-ass child-villain of this story? Because he totally was and – having been a babysitter/nanny since 2001 – I just can’t say any more about that at this time.