The Motion Picture: The Major Motion

So, I’ve now watched the first Star Trek film and Holy Christmas — you guys — it was perfect. The uniforms took going to work in your jim-jams to a whole new level (though I would totally rock the white tunic-thing), but the movie was perfect.

Spock is all torn between Starfleet and Vulcan, Kirk is as in love with the ship as ever, there’s a doomed-ish romantic relationship, AND a misunderstood villain.

The only problem is when they’re trying to communicate with the “villain” and it turns out to be working on a frequency system of superior technology which Spock is smart enough to upgrade our stuff to so we can talk to them, but somehow the technologically superior creature is unable to dumb-down what they’re saying so they can avoid accidentally killing folks. Pfff.

PLAN: 2 sonnets per film, maybe, probably, perhaps. Starting with this film’s second post.

I’m going to be so sad when this is all over. I certainly was the first time around.