The Menagerie: My First Two-Parter, Part 1

I love that they turned the original pilot into a retrospective frame story. Also, because the story within a story is split and given interjections of the outer story (Spock’s trial with the pained look on crippled Captain Pike’s face) there’s just so much more depth to it.

I am a happy camper. I mean, having seen the original pilot I already know why Spock committed mutiny but it’s still so stressful. Poor, Kirk.

Sonnet 4
What be the heading, friend, that by
no leave you lead afoul of all
the faith-made kin you did belie
so mutiny would be your fall.
Why take the fallen star back to
the sky that split his heart in two?
What constellations do you show
to illustrate that we may know?
Are these derived from distant cries
of worlds the law makes loathe to seek?
How can these phantoms from the peak
restore your praise in tear-filled eyes?
Peace, though you speak, you answer not
to offer sights most eyes forgot.

Fun fact: The brunette playing Captain Pike’s second-in-command is the same actress who plays blonde nurse Christine Chapel.



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