The Lights of Zetar: Star Trek’s Play-Along

Scotty has a girlfriend! Scotty has a girlfriend! This is completely thrilling. It’s her first deep-space mission AND an ancient alien race tries to take possession of her AND she’s Scotty’s girlfriend. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Shari Lewis of ‘Lamb Chop’ fame who wrote this episode because this was ridiculous AND sexist AND good in equal measure.

The poem is from the perspective of Scotty with his unfaltering faith in the affection he and Mira Romaine share and her individual ability to stand up to the psychic prowess of 100 sparks of life trying to take over her mind (which is a little reminiscent of Being John Malkovich in a villainous sort of way).

Take that, personal-record-for-run-on-sentences-in-prose!

Sonnet 37
Your eyes like stars did blind me so
I knew not how to turn away;
still, from my side I let you go
and now some mark has you in sway.
Strange utterings do part your lips
though fearful rage turn them to quips,
how may I come to your defense
if you’ll not drop this cross pretense?
You hear my voice, my beating heart,
call out to you to fight the strain
of a hundred wills turned to bane.
No harm I know will you impart,
you will be who you choose to be
and that choice is all things to me.

Kirk has totally been influencing the development of my poet-personality and I do not hate it.



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