Inspiration At Your Command

Say Goodbye to "writers block" and Hello to all the poems you want with just 4 Little Questions.

You love reading poems, you love talking about poems, you even love writing poems. But you’re not writing poems. You’re frustrated, anxious, confused, more than a little ticked off. Wondering what it might feel like to put your fist through your computer’s screen.

As someone who’s gotten fifteen stitches in the thumb of their writing hand (not block-related), I’ve a fair guess it wouldn’t be at all pleasant. And that it wouldn’t get you any closer to writing poems anyway. Plus as a poet who invents poetic forms for fun (when not writing Pushkin sonnets inspired by various episodes of a certain sci-fi franchise), I know a thing or two about getting words onto the page.

So I made The EVERYTHING IS POETRY Primer. A short-and-sweet PDF of the 4 questions you can ask of literally any thing in existence and from the answers you come up with you’ll find both inspiration and the poetic form that best suits your inspiration. You just  … 

  • download the PDF,
  • pick a thing (literally anything),
  • answer the questions as they relate to the thing, and
  • use those answers to guide your writing.


Whoa, 4 steps including 4 questions to get you countless poems, doesn’t that sound great? That sounds pretty great.

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