Lying to Children

Grown-ups around the world tell children things that simply aren’t true.
You know, lies.
This book brings together the very best poems from the Kickstarter project based on the promise
One Dollar = One poem

The original Kickstarter project was inspired by the fact that there are a lot of lies within my own family. A lot. So many that about half the poems in this book come from my own family (parents, grandparents, myself included).

If you’re worried about certain cultural lies potentially being outed in this book and ruining child’s life, have no fear! I have a strict NEVER RUIN THE WONDER OF CHILDHOOD FOR ANYONE EVER POLICY. And all the lies volunteered by other grown-ups/parents are — like the lies from my own family — the kind you look back on fondly as you shake your head at just how ridiculous they are.

The contents of the book can be downloaded for free here or purchased for $15 through