The Infinite Vulcan: Spock2

In the last episode a shapeshifter had Bones saying that two Spocks would be unbearable while Spock said two of Bones would have made the medical staff sufficient. Oh, the banter!

I don’t think the human race can actually get enough of Spock.* Spock Original-Flavor. Basket-case Spock. Lovesick Spock. “Evil” Spock with a goatee. Primal Spock.  Young Spock in hot-pants. Classic Spock meets Reboot Spock.** Today, Giant Spock Clone working to save a race of plant-creatures.***

Sonnet 69
How high lift you the lamp by which
you search for proof of your ideal?
And does that lamp your way but light
or is it, too, your standard's seal?
How just are you in what you seek,
how judge you who is right to speak?
Do you yet know who you have been
and what variety called kin?
Who would you be if not yourself?
But one who would see life increase
in days that know a standing peace.
Who would you be if not yourself?
A citizen of all you see
that's nursed in your philosophy.

* At the very least, I can’t get enough versions of Spock. Every version of Spock you put in front of me gets a sonnet. Bring ’em on, Trekdom.

** “Classic Spock meets Reboot Spock” also has a sonnet, but that blogpost won’t be getting posted until 2042. If you want to read the sonnet before then, you have to subscribe to receive the Mission Reports to have it sent directly to your inbox.

*** Also, points to Walter Koenig (who played Chekhov) for writing this episode with explanations for all the questions shortly after they’ve popped into my head. That’s good storytelling.



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