The Immunity Syndrome: Weird Science

Spock proves Vulcans to be a superior species, again. It appears that even over great distances, even a half-Vulcan can sense 400 Vulcan minds cry out in their final moments. A feat which confounds and impresses McCoy and then embarrasses him a little when Spock points out that humans tend to feel much more badly about the death of one than the death of many whereas a Vulcan is affected by the death of any.

While the episode has the crew pitted against a ginormous energy-sucking amoeba that has them having to act as antibodies against an invading virus in the body of the universe, it really seems to act as a showcase for McCoy and Spock’s love-hate relationship. Hilarious, but no poem.

By the way, Spock gives another little speech-ette on the subject of human versus Vulcan. Watch for yourself so I don’t have to spoil the damn thing for you and prevent you from seeing the value of a particular genre of negative events. Seriously. Season 2, The Immunity Syndrome.