The Gamesters of Triskelion: Three Cheers for Captain Obvious

This week’s adventure has Kirk destroying a social structure (which actually full-on sucks this time) while teaching a young woman about love; a young woman whose ensemble can best be described as shiny panties and whose innocence reminds me of a certain Shepard Book warning a certain Captain Tight-pants about a “special kind of hell” reserved for special sinners.

Of course if someone has never experienced love, Kirk is going to use this to his advantage; he makes hormonal manipulation a veritable art form. But why is he without limits? Is there no line he will not cross? Did he not pay attention to that part of The Allegory of the Cave where the freed prisoner goes back and finds he can never go back?

Sure, today all the prisoners get taken out of the cave, never to return; but, how do you build a new society having never known your worth or the value of equality?

Sonnet 22
It’s not enough to see the world
as in a mirror or a shade
when life cannot be let unfurl’d
for fear of knowing well the blade.
Seek from whence the reflection comes.
Take hold of life and make your mark.
Be he who beats upon the drums.
Horizons now stretch out their limbs
to call you as you call to them
to make each eye a worthy gem.
Just so, your well of knowledge brims
to seek out more and yet still more
of all the good that life can store.



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