The Galileo Seven: Vulcans Are Creative, Too

Ever see that episode of Twilight Zone where a woman in hovel with a perfect manicure is terrorized by tiny aliens? Yeah, I felt like “The Galileo Seven” was that story seen from the humans’ (plus Spock’s) perspective.

Obviously the point of this episode was to show why Kirk should be in charge and not Spock who doesn’t actually care one way or the other whether he’s in charge. Reason is reasonable within reason, you might say.

Whatever, ya’ll wouldn’t even be on the Enterprise if humanity and the Vulcans weren’t all buddy-buddy AND Spock’s usually right. So, when Spock is in charge, I don’t want to hear sh-t.

Sonnet 8
You say that he has gone against
the way by which his self is ruled,
with all emotion tightly fenced,
that his own safeguard has him fooled.
You saw him at his enterprise,
exhausting picks among the sighs
of those who offered little aid
because they were so much afraid.
You think his tactics had their change
because he felt, but could it not
be your example you forgot?
An act severe, however strange,
comes always by a cause; its fruit
remains, interpretations suit.



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