The Enterprise Incident: By Any Name

Kirk refuses a medical examination? Not surprising. Kirk nonchalantly puts his crew in Romulan space without orders from Starfleet or informing them? Something’s up. Spock endangers Kirk with testimony given to the Romulan commander? Now you know you haven’t been given all the facts, even if Spock says we have.

They’re after a Romulan cloaking device, folks. But I’m not overly concerned with that. Today Spock has a new love interest, a Romulan love interest who — when she changes into something a little more comfortable — puts on the best dress I’ve seen yet on any female on the make in Star Trek. I’m being serious. No shiny panties. No skimpy dresses with no visual means of support. No silliness.

Why should any of that matter? Because this may be one of the best females ever written to exist outside the crew. Her attire is not ridiculous because she is not ridiculous. Her attire at no point over sexualizes her, or puts all power in the hands of the men, because she is a strong and intelligent commander who demands respect.

But they give her no name! She whispers it in Spock’s ear because apparently humans can’t say it. This was also the issue with Spock’s first name in the first season, but we still know his last name. Her? Not so much.

The whole thing with her liking Spock is awesome because he’s actually into her and wishes to continue their friendship in the future and not just leave it like one of Kirk’s one-offs. I am super-happy with this character, episode, and development. Cross your fingers future one-off love interests will be just as interesting!