The Caretaker: Love Me, Love My Dog

Okay, I am officially excited to see how this whole Lost-in-Space-meets-Star-Trek thing works out. Even if it means putting up with the privileged son disgraced by his inability to wholeheartedly take responsibility for his wrongdoing constantly throwing his smugness and daddy issues in everybody’s face.

What I know I’m going to love is Captain Janeway. She’s my kind of gal. The kind of person who – once they’ve decided they’re on your side – will fight to the death. That moment when she asks her boyfriend to take care of her dog who’s “with child” was perfectly ordinary and kind of dorky and there’s just nothing I would change.

I think that moment speaks to what we can expect of Janeway’s resolve to get her crew home, stand by the directives of Starfleet, and be the future inspiration for so many memes about coffee consumption.

She’s a hero, folks, and — for now — has the mother of all pompadours to prove it.