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The Ambergris Element: Under the Sea


Spock and Kirk had this really interesting/annoying moment when Kirk wondered why the merpeople (I know they aren’t technically merfolk, but “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”) seemed frightened to have anything to do with them. Spock suggested it was a natural instinct to distrust anything unfamiliar with a sort of default reaction of disgust being possible. Kirk, as only Kirk can, brushes off this idea as pure speculation a thing which Spock himself does when human beings are actually being illogical.

It’s crazy how often humans are supposed to look cool and calm and evolved in science fiction and they just look as dumb and self-righteous as ever. And by crazy I mean hilarious. And by hilarious I mean why am I watching an advanced species parading around like their sh*t don’t stink and it never stank even though SPOILER they’re totally descended from the very people they “hate” (quotes being necessary because of course they’re too evolved to actually hate anyone ever).

The best part though was when they found an extraterrestrial Atlantis didn’t refer to it as such in any way whatsoever and then — incidentally — just happened to resurrect the dang thing while they were saving the merfolk from underwater earthquakes.

I am so all over the place with affection and annoyance over this episode.
Sonnet 75
Our young, our young did save your lives
and bear the cost to keep the calm
of bloodless waters in the dives
though now your presence is no balm.
Our young, our young of stunning light
did dare to give you time to right
the wrongs so long mistaken now
our ancestry we disavow.
Our young, our young, so good and kind,
have by your living saved our home
beneath the gleaming of the foam.
Our young, our young are of one mind
to breathe as freely of the air
as though they leave deep in the mare.