The Alternative Factor: Disappointed, Table of Me

I was really excited for an episode centered on multiverse theory. I thought for sure, once that happened, it would help to clear up any possible paradoxes in future episodes regarding time travel. Instead, the alternative universe was a universe composed of antimatter.

  1. A duplicate of our universe composed of antimatter would be a complete opposite/mirror reflection of our universe
  2. The first incident of wrestling between the two Lazaruses should have resulted in their mutual destruction and prevented the story of this episode from ever really taking place.
  3. Even though I know that multiverse theory can explain the possibility of time travel, nothing about this episode cleared that up; so, had I no previous knowledge, all future episodes dealing with time travel will be bitter pills to swallow. What kind of a storyteller wastes an opportunity like that? Bitter, stupid pills.

Starfleet Academy Lecture Suggestion: Multiverse Theory As It Relates To Time Travel.