Terra Nova: We Came, We Saw, We Convinced?

70 years before Captain Archer and his crew took to the stars, the first-ever human colony beyond the bounds of our local solar system went silent. There had been some disagreement as to whether more colonists should be sent to Terra Nova (New Earth) and then all communications ceased and … well, they just couldn’t think of a good enough reason to send a crew on a nine-year journey to the planet to answer the question: What gives?

Apparently it was an asteroid followed by radiation and acid rain which were met with one hell of a misunderstanding related again and again with the dying breaths of the grown-ups as the children lived on to fend for themselves underground. Subsequent generations believing that humans are the enemy.

What was great though was Captain Archer having to realize that – though human – these people had their own culture, their own way of life which the Prime Directive (though not explicitly stated) binds all Starfleet officers to protect. Yet, because I am bound by a respect for Vulcan virtue, I must say that there is a very distracting sensation of tightness in my stomach.

Hour-long programs have been the norm for a long time on television and yet these writers do not yet know how to dive deep into the interesting ideas they’re touching upon in this series. Usually an idea is enough for a sonnet, but I’m distracted by wanting to take the idea to a wholly different medium.

I’m gonna have to consult my publication schedule about this.