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  • The Motion Picture: On Purpose

    Here we have two sonnets for the first of the Star Trek movies of the original crew. The first sonnet is inspired by our misunderstood villain and the doomed-ish couple. I strove to combine the issue of seeking meaning in our origins with our ability to create meaning for ourselves. Oh, and I totally snuck in a literary allusion to Shakespeare’s A […]

  • The Motion Picture: The Major Motion

    So, I’ve now watched the first Star Trek film and Holy Christmas — you guys — it was perfect. The uniforms took going to work in your jim-jams to a whole new level (though I would totally rock the white tunic-thing), but the movie was perfect. Spock is all torn between Starfleet and Vulcan, Kirk is as in love with […]

  • Turnabout Intruder: In Her Shoes

    This is it. The final episode of the original series and one of the earliest if not the first instance of inter-gender body-swapping in science fiction. Yet there’s no room for the comedy of a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body. This episode is too tragic for that. Kirk’s […]

  • All Our Yesterdays: Afternoon Delight

    The starship Enterprise shows up at a planet about to be destroyed by a supernova in order to save its inhabitants. Problem is, everyone is already gone except for a librarian who apparently is in charge of facilitating everyone being saved. Now, he used the word “safe”, but it still brings to mind a certain picture-perfect […]

  • The Savage Curtain: The Sword Excalbian

    Kirk & Spock are grouped with Lincoln (yes, that Lincoln) & Surak (basically as important to Vulcans as Lincoln to America) to do battle against the four greatest tyrants known to man (the Earth-born species). This is done by a species known as the Excalbians who do not understand the human theories of Good & […]