Tag: Note to self

  • The Jihad: The Errant

    Well, that was a fun little time-pocket episode. Admittedly I was torn between the prince and the coward as the saboteur, but the contrast between the beginning and ending of the whole thing was really rather striking. Individuals of various pronounced skills and personalities from various species are brought together for a heist. Except what needs […]

  • Eye of the Beholder: Children Will Listen

    Once upon a time there was an episode of Twilight Zone that broke my heart because an astronaut with technology sufficient enough to travel to an alien world was then locked up in a zoo with no human companionship save the human-looking locals who stood outside his exhibit to gawk and to laugh. For that astronaut, […]

  • The Ambergris Element: Under the Sea

    KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! Spock and Kirk had this really interesting/annoying moment when Kirk wondered why the merpeople (I know they aren’t technically merfolk, but “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”) seemed frightened to have anything to do with them. Spock suggested it […]

  • The Time Trap: The Mouth Shut

    I wanted more from this. There were so many little ways they could have just shifted the focus of the episode and made it into something really special. I wanted more clarity as to what Spock was at and how Kirk was magically providing all the logic. I wanted them to play with the possibility […]

  • The Terratin Incident: Too Cute

    Seriously, this episode was too cute. Teeny-tiny Kirk trying to command the bridge from his too-big chair. Teeny-tiny Sulu falling off his makeshift ladder when he tries to drive the ship. Spoiler alert: the transporter saves them in much the same fashion as in The Lorelei Signal with one difference. Remember that time I was too […]