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  • The Motion Picture: On Purpose

    Here we have two sonnets for the first of the Star Trek movies of the original crew. The first sonnet is inspired by our misunderstood villain and the doomed-ish couple. I strove to combine the issue of seeking meaning in our origins with our ability to create meaning for ourselves. Oh, and I totally snuck in a literary allusion to Shakespeare’s A […]

  • Eye of the Beholder: Children Will Listen

    Once upon a time there was an episode of Twilight Zone that broke my heart because an astronaut with technology sufficient enough to travel to an alien world was then locked up in a zoo with no human companionship save the human-looking locals who stood outside his exhibit to gawk and to laugh. For that astronaut, […]

  • The Ambergris Element: Under the Sea

    KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! KIRK AND SPOCK ARE TURNED INTO MERMEN! Spock and Kirk had this really interesting/annoying moment when Kirk wondered why the merpeople (I know they aren’t technically merfolk, but “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”) seemed frightened to have anything to do with them. Spock suggested it […]

  • Once Upon a Planet: In Wildest Dreams

    I’m a huge fan of the Shore Leave planet. And, apparently, it’s a fan of fairy tales (which I know and love and write). Which means if I and the planet (or, rather, the main computer in control of the planet) ever met, we would totally be best friends. Here’s how I know this to […]

  • The Magicks of Megus-Tu: The Salem Human Trial

    I’m not saying I’ve hit my saturation point with the idea of one superior species or another having been an integral part of a major moment in human history. I’m not saying it’s never a compelling idea. But I think there’s a problem when a series (or a whole fictional version of the universe) keeps revisiting […]