Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 4

“How do you tell the difference between quarantine reality and an alternate reality?”


When something’s in quotes like this in my dream journal, it’s because it was a line of dialogue I remembered from the dream (and sometimes the only thing I remember). Some people will try to tell you that if you can read, write or otherwise communicate in your words with your dream that it has some spirit-world woo-woo significance.

Meanwhile, science will tell you it’s because your brain is generally hyper-focused language because you’re a writer, most likely a poet.

Whatever’s going on with my brain:

  • writing something that contains the dream quote is a writing prompt,
  • the question asked in the dream quote is a writing prompt, and
  • the question posed by what it means to hear/understand/remember spoken words in a dream is a writing prompt.

Basically, I’ve given you 3 writing prompts for the price of 1. You’re welcome.