Strange New World: Stop & Smell the Crazy

Finally, Captain Archer and his crew stumble upon an as-yet-unvisited/unknown planet with an atmosphere and natural formations comparable with those of Earth. A landing party is immediately deployed against the advisement of resident Vulcan, T’Po, and we get to watch Archer’s dog – Aramis – do his doggy thing. All is adorable and hopeful.

After smelling the flora and telling a few spooky tales around the campfire the crew begin to see and hear things. My own hope was that this episode would provide an origin story for a certain fantastic planet that had Kirk enter into battle with a foe from his youth and McCoy hanging out with a lovely ensign dressed as a princess. My hope was that the planet was reacting to the spooky stories, wanting to play along.

I was wrong. I won’t spoil it for you, though I doubt you’ve missed the hints contained I’ve worked into this post. What was good though was this quote remembered by Trip in the sober light of day:

Challenge your preconceptions, and they’ll challenge you.