Star Trek: Our Mr. Spock

Today’s sonnet is about Spock (as if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post). Next, I’m going to gush about the film as a whole, but this round? This round we get to fall in one with Spock all over again, whilst gaining a fresh perspective on what it must be like for someone like him to have Kirk as a best friend.

Just feel what I feel because I can’t express it any better than I did in the poem except for these three things I was thinking about all through the movie:

  1. Vulcan is the name of the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hephaestus, it is from his name the word volcano is derived (think of Mount Vesuvius which everyone legit thought was a mountain until it layed waste to Pompeii and Herculaneum);
  2. Romulus is the name of the twin brother of Remus who Romulus killed in a fight over the physical location of where Rome should be founded, naming the city after himself rather than pay any remorseful homage to his brother (for those not familiar with the myth, think of Cain & Abel except with Cain not giving a fig after the fact); and,
  3. When Spock decided not to enter into Vulcan’s science academy he said “Live long and prosper” the same Christians say “I’ll be praying for you” when what they really mean is “Go f*ck yourself for all I care.”
The sun rises, sees mother fall
in upon herself, and is born
as the most human of us all
in the scarlet splendor of morn;
brave not the leader without fear,
with feeling she’ll reappear
a guiding star to mark the way
as reckless fingers cling to stay.
There is no cross but double-cross;
an enemy who burns himself
will be friend from out the delph.
There is no cross but double-cross;
those why deny their nature true
must to that nature pay their due.