Star Trek Into Darkness: Into Mourning

I’m really sad, you guys. Star Trek Into Darkness is great, but it’s built to stand alone. Usually this is a good thing for a movie. Not so much for a character like Khan.

When I first met Khan, I had so few words to say on the matter except for the sonnet which summed up his seeming villainy.

When he returned in Wrath of Khan he completely hijacked my two-sonnet plan; first with his revealing himself to be a most devoted husband and then with his hatred being completely fueled by the love of his wife.

Khan is such a rich character and we lose all of that; he has been reduced to a monster seeking genocide. I’m having a lot of negative feelings about this. Yes, Khan was always a villain; but, he was human, too. I’m not cool with that being lost in translation and this next sonnet says as much:

Beware the jinn allowed to rise
from out of slumber centuries long
among those darker, unknown skies
too soon met with no hope of song
that shows a man made better still.
O! Where is she of fairer will
that — in the days no longer lived —
a man from out a beast derived?
See how his weapons keep their sleep;
they wait the dawn of lust renewed
for blood not held within their brood.
Without her — without cause to weep —
he’ll never know humanity,
the strength in his fragility.