Star Trek Into Darkness: By Comparison

You know what’s really great about Star Trek Into Darkness? Kirk finally does the most right thing he could possibly do. The film starts with him breaking the rules to save Spock and — SPOILER — ends with him making the ultimate sacrifice of his own life in order to save the crew so they can make sure Khan is stopped from harming anyone else.

So, this sonnet is for Kirk; he sucks at following the rules when they don’t personally suit him, but — as an extension of his rules-can-suck-it ethic — he is willing to do anything for the greater good of his family.

The need of the great is made small
a sacrifice when family
does need what one might call your all,
the last supper of your body.
You know the honor of this act
and all the good it keeps intact;
though you must sleep so to provoke
a man of peace to anger’s yoke.
Death hides the view til all’s unfurled;
the wreckage and the justice and
a chance at life, you understand.
A little rest and then the world
is full of work to do
with your crew, your family true.