Squire of Gothos: Triple Dog Dare

I felt like I was in babysitter mode the whole time I was watching this. A seemingly British person living in a castle abducts Kirk, Sulu, and McCoy (who says the guy doesn’t register on their tech as even existing). The self-proclaimed squire insists on having everything his way making up his way as he goes.

There’s more than a decade of childcare experience under these apron strings. I know a kid when I see one.

They want things their way. They play along to a story they tell themselves as they go and all you can do is follow til they get bored.

This brings up the main difference between a kid and a brat, fixating. A kid may throw a tantrum when things don’t go right, but — whether he does or not — they eventually get bored with the game and start a new one. A brat doesn’t believe in things not going their way so they just push and push and don’t let up and the struggle to make things go away prevents their getting bored with the game.

The best bit was Kirk egging him on with “You can do better” not unlike Puss’n’Boots and the ogre. That and the kid’s parents showing up to take him home for timeout.