Spock’s Brain: Think It Over

It would appear the very first two cyborgs of Star Trek were both Spock:

  1. Spock’s body being remote-controlled by McCoy, Scotty and Kirk as necessary; and,
  2. Spock’s brain being used to control everything that needs controlling to maintain order on a planet stuck in an ice age with cave men that turned out to have all its women underground with the hidden technology that needs an actual brain to operate.

I’m not sure how to feel about this planet’s development. A thousand years ago it was a society of advanced developments. An ice age came along and a schism formed between the men and the women with the women going underground with all the fancy tech and the men staying aboveground with nothing but their wits to sustain them.

Somehow everyone’s brains atrophy to a child-like state over the course of the succeeding generations. That’s just so illogical. There’s no reason their knowledge wouldn’t be passed down — at least orally — along with the reverse-genderist schism.

Can we all see from this how far we’ve come in understanding the human brain? We might not know everything, but what we do know is loads better than what it was in the 60s. Yeesh.