Space Seed: Sleeping Beauty, Waking Cranky

Khan? Khan? As in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? According to Google, yes. Kirk’s got to kick himself over that one.

Sonnet 11
The sleeping giant stirs anon,
no kiss to thank save that of death
so he — then feeling set upon —
would set his sights to gaining breath
enough to rise and conquer clean
the world and what remains unseen.
His hunger comes by man’s design,
a need to be as one divine.
His make was also that of charm
so those who would be guided would
believe when he did swear the good
to be his aim and thus disarm
them all; until such time as can
be found a warmer flame to fan.

Also, according to Google, sometime off camera Chekov made Khan wait an uncomfortably long time to use the bathroom. Good. Where is Chekov?



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