Sleeping Dogs: Lost Kitten

Archer saying “Remind me to stop trying to help people” is hilarious considering that he was hinting at the creation of the Prime Directive in the last episode. Yet here we are actually learning things about Klingons like how to reason with warriors on warrior terms with war-ish outcomes.

I think it’s easy to beat up on Klingons like it’s easy to beat up on Vulcans, in terms of human storytellers trying to tell stories of future humans somehow being so magically noble compared to where we are right now as viewers.

It’s easy and centrist to present Vulcans as snide and inhuman simply because they’re emotionally mature and we don’t wholly understand yet what that should look like (hint: it’s a cross between Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Rogers, you’re welcome).

It’s easy and centrist to present Klingons as crude and stubborn simply because they take honor among kin to an extreme kind of self-sacrifice we find easier to stomach when packaged as camaraderie usually among those too “meat-headed” to know better (hint: many male saints began as soldiers and their camaraderie among those brothers expanded to encompass all mankind).

I miss the very first sighting of Klingons on TOS when they were elegant, clever kittens. Maybe I’m just associating them that way because of the tribbles and their incessant purring, but it was still a great deal more artful than these caricatures partly designed to make the aliens truly alien, and partly to make our own species look far less awkward prancing around in space like we own the place.