Silent Enemy: Oh, Farts

We’ve got our communications officer trying to track down our weapons officer’s favorite food for a birthday surprise. We’ve got our weapons officer butting heads for a whole five seconds with our chief engineer over how to effectively relay power surges after they square away who’s really in charge. We’ve got our chief engineer rallying troops — including the captain — when all they wanted to know was “Are we expecting to be attacked again?” which given their recent history should be a very obvious yes.

It’s just an awkward chain of interconnected everyday silliness to fill out an episode with no real stakes. Sure, the preachy-speech at the end of the episode with the chief engineer trying to convince the captain not to lose hope is where they wanted the focus to end up, but what was going on everywhere else? The “silent enemy” is imminently approaching and nobody is all that concerned.

All the drama that should heighten the anticipation of the enemy by bubbling under the surface and giving us subtext galore instead gets pulled out of somebody’s butt to prance around like the exposition elf went around cursing people to be painfully obvious. The only person with any subtlety in this episode manages to be the Vulcan first officer who has a grand total of two sentences while everybody else is off running their mouths.

What’s a trekkie to think?