Return to Tomorrow: Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

Three disembodied voices require the bodies of Kirk, Spock, and a very attractive Astro-Biologist in order to build an android they can share while continuing their existence. Guess which body gets possessed by a villain and which two are too busy making googlie-eyes at each other to notice.

While the husband-wife dynamic is all very sweet, Nurse Chapel takes the cake today. First, her memories are messed with so she’ll accidentally aid the villain; but, then she gets to share consciousness with Spock and look all pleased with herself about that experience at the end of the episode while Spock remains not-so-surprisingly quiet on the matter.

Though Sulu does appear at the very start of the episode, it is we who are left to say “Oh my” and then maybe write a poem that could totally work as marriage vows. Just saying.

Sonnet 24
As thou entrusts thy heart to me
so I my life trust to thy heart,
breathe deep the peace we two shall be.
Let fly the breath to speak thy part.
Thou art my hands and I thy feet,
we know our bounds and choose this feat;
here I take my refuge in thee,
and give thee all refuge in me.
We two vow to love and respect,
to speak what is most beautiful,
to share only what is truthful.
We two vow to love and protect,
to be faithful to the present,
to keep hopeful in each moment.



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