Pirates of Orion: CDC of Starfleet

All of this could have been avoided.

Choriocytosis, a non-lethal illness to humans, has recently worked its way through the Enterprise and apparently nobody checked its effect on non-humans, let alone said “Clear out!” to those it could kill until the ship had been properly cleaned of all traces of the stuff. Basically, Starfleet’s version of the Center for Disease Control didn’t do its job and Spock almost died for it.

Not paying attention to such a simple chain of logic is lazy storytelling.

I couldn’t even find anything interesting in the Orion males having a policy that all failed missions end in suicide, though I must say it doesn’t track with what I’ve seen so far of Orion females who are known for being in full command of their sexuality. They don’t end their lives when their desires aren’t satisfied by those around them, so why are their males so all-or-nothing?

But, it’d be awfully centrist of me to think just because gender norms in humans are B.S. that the same would hold true in the neurology of alien lifeforms.

What was interesting (when it wasn’t adorable) was Bones not wanting to see Spock suffer in any way. Specifically because he lied to Spock about the synthetic drug continuing to be affective because he didn’t want to cause Spock (the Vulcan) any alarm. Interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying because there was no exploration of the placebo effect which would be really fun to play with regards to a Vulcan’s mind influence their physiological well-being.

But, hey, that exploration is one of the many things these sonnets are for.
Sonnet 79
I shall be pleasant and accept
the role that you assign me now:
to work at half where most adept
while you would soothe unfurrowed brow.
Do you think I don't know your tricks
as well as I know all your ticks
by which I set your blood to boil
while in a mood you'll never spoil?
Seek not to trick my mind to heal,
for just as I control the rise
of passions you would show all eyes,
so, too, can I make thinking real
within the forming of my life
so long as not outpaced by strife.



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