Phage: Programmed to Sing

Well, I got my wish! I got my third episode with a magic moment between Kes on the onboard emergency medic. It was so good and I persisted until I finally composed a sonnet for the occasion.

I know I should be hemming and hawing over the Prime Directive issues Janeway had to deal with but she was dealing with them and was very straightforward about the whole thing. So straightforward that any additional word on the matter for my part would be overkill. Which is why I’m focusing on the understated development of Kes’s friendship with the snazzy hologram.

Hologram? Am I confused? Doesn’t he appear to be very solid?

He does, doesn’t he? Well, as a b*tch-slap (I never say that, really, I don’t) to Lt. Paris shows, light can be a very funny thing. Much like the progress of the Doc’s friendship with Kes.

First, Kes met the doctor and learned that while he doesn’t have an actual name he does have a sense of good manners which includes turning off the computer when you’re don with it. Then, when Kes was the only good thing in a certain time loop, the doctor wasn’t dismissive in any way whatsoever regarding the possibility of Kes developing repressed psychic abilities now that she’s living in space.

Now, they’ve had a talk about bedside manner and what it takes to be a really good doctor (and somehow never light upon the fact that he is machine who totally just got creative with his own physio-hologram apparatus in order to save a life).

So, clearly this sonnet just needed to friggin’ happen. Two notes on reading:

  1. This sonnet can be read by on person as though from Kes to Doc; and,
  2. This sonnet can be read by two people as a dialogue of Kes/Doc/Kes/Doc.


So many voices make your one
yet none were there to spare a name
when in good time your birth was done
that you stand here our calls to claim.
With nature stated, who are you
that evolution now is due
to seek you out with some small word
that presses till it should be heard?
Might I be on who sees your need
for light to be as medicine
both in one's breath and in one's grin,
try as you might to sink the lead?
You give so much to think upon
I crave your light at every dawn.