Past Prologue: Alternative Activism

How perfect is it that once the upsetting prologue episode is over and done with, that it’s immediately followed by an episode whose very title tells us we’ve made it past the prologue?

The next best thing about the episode is the issue that arises over which type of activism is more worthy of those who wish to see change. My own opinion is that it takes all kinds, up to a point. We need people on the “front-lines,” actively seeking immediate results; and, we need people on the home-front who live their lives with a spirit and voice for change even if they don’t take a combative stance.

Where this episode goes wrong on the matter is that both types of necessary activism are represented by active/front-line activists which defeats the beauty of the conversation that might have been by forcing the representative of front-line activism to be an extremist in order to show the difference in their approaches.

Getting involved in politics or working with the “enemy” is a way to immediately affect change even if you’re only doing it one little step at time. A more compelling argument can be found in the myriad of cheesy rom-coms cranked out by Hallmark and centering on a woman who has to choose between love and work.

Don’t even get me started on how this episode crapped out on the ending without the extremist pointing fingers at the Federation for hiding behind diplomacy with their own version of fear tactics. We didn’t even get so much as a “live to fight another day” reference.

It’s lazy writing like this that keeps me trekking.