The Savage Curtain: The Sword Excalbian

Kirk & Spock are grouped with Lincoln (yes, that Lincoln) & Surak (basically as important to Vulcans as Lincoln to America) to do battle against the four greatest tyrants known to man (the Earth-born species). This is done by a species known as the Excalbians who do not understand the human theories of Good &…Read moreRead more

The Cloud Minders: Little Red Breathing-Mask

Today’s sonnet comes from the perspective of Spock’s one-off romantic interest (Kirk also had a bit of a love-thing going on but it wasn’t nearly so entertaining). You may recall — a few episodes back — when they tried to play an interesting game with the race card with the folks who were half-white/half-black and mirror images of each…Read moreRead more

The Way to Eden: Rappaccini’s Garden

Chekhov has a girlfriend. Does everybody get a romance in the last couple of episodes? One can only hope. Irena — Chekhov’s old flame — is a super-hippy. I have serious issues with the structure of the group and the episode trying to force the issue of Original Sin, but it was mostly very interesting. Super-hippies (with whom Spock feels…Read moreRead more

Requiem for Methuselah: Better to Have Loved and …

A recluse alone on a planet ends up being an ancient genius. The only beautiful woman falls for Kirk — despite the recluse loving her — and Kirk falls for her hard. Problem? She’s a robot and not being able to accustom herself to having feelings ends up killing her. Did I forget to say spoiler alert? Too bad…Read moreRead more

The Lights of Zetar: Star Trek’s Play-Along

Scotty has a girlfriend! Scotty has a girlfriend! This is completely thrilling. It’s her first deep-space mission AND an ancient alien race tries to take possession of her AND she’s Scotty’s girlfriend. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Shari Lewis of ‘Lamb Chop’ fame who wrote this episode because this was ridiculous AND sexist AND…Read moreRead more