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  • The Search for Spock: The Price for Spock

    Today’s sonnet was a tricky little bugger. It begins with Kirk’s empty nest syndrome after the death of Spock when his son David stays at Genesis to further his research. The final lines, pulling Kirk back to Genesis for Spock’s sake ask to the price Kirk will pay to help his friend. It’s the same…

  • The Wrath of Khan: The Cold of Space

    In The Warmth of Khan I talked in the most sympathetic of terms about Khan because he is — quite frankly — a most tragic figure, and — as a storyteller — I love a tragic figure. Today I had originally intended to write about all the things that will undoubtedly be propelling us into the third…

  • The Wrath of Khan: The Warmth of Khan

    So, I was all sorts of prepared to watch a movie with Khan being all super angry about the first time he met up with Kirk and about which I barely posted anything besides a sonnet. What that means is I was unprepared for the subtle way in which Marla McGivers was everything to Khan: So, today’s sonnet is…

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 7

    A picture of a small boy with his mouth opened wide and holding up a beach towel that reads “How’s my breath?” 2020-08-12

  • Subspace Log: Writing Prompt 6

    Trapped at the start of a new level of a game. Someone travels underground with a grate moving through the sands above so they can breathe and communicate. Searching for someone. 2020-08-10

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