The Survivor: Who You Pretend to Be

The idea of becoming the thing or person you pretend to be has clearly been around for a while and every iteration has its pluses and minuses. Rethinking your priorities, usually a plus. Losing touch with who or what you once were, a minus (for the character, but brilliant to experience as an audience member)….Read moreRead more

More Tribbles, More Troubles: April Nibbles May Bring Tribbles

When I first watched Trouble with Tribbles, I thought it was just great. It was so good I started in on my very own Mother Tribble’s Nursery Rhymes, but there were only so many ways to say — in rhyme — they’re born pregnant and they eat and they multiply in litters of ten. In this new…Read moreRead more

The Lorelei Signal: How to Get Away With Murder

I knew what this was gonna be as soon as I saw the title for this episode because I know that the Lorelei is “a lovely young woman faery who sits on the cliffs above the Rhine River and sings, luring sailors to their deaths in the rocks below.”* In other words, this is the…Read moreRead more

One of Our Planets Is Missing: The Cloud Is Alive

You gotta love a Vulcan mind-meld, but Spock just went hands-free via the ship’s sensors. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Mind-melding holds a special fascination for me because of my philosophy “a better world through better storytelling.” It affords pairs of individuals the unique opportunity to understand one another’s perspectives fully. However well someone may explain their…Read moreRead more

Yesteryear: Yesterspock

It’s hard to fault an episode centered on Spock. In fact the only fault in this episode (besides time-travel issues I cannot begin to discuss because of – no joke – time constraints) is actually just adorable and a reminder of when the show was made: Little Spock makes his first appearance wearing boots (clearly…Read moreRead more