Mirror, Mirror: Fairest of Them All

So, I could make an argument about how — in an alternate universe — Vulcans have reasoned among themselves that conquering people is a timesaver and they pulled humanity into that philosophy when we all met up in space.

However, I would much rather meditate on Leibniz’s solution to the Problem of Evil, “we live in the best of all possible worlds.” If there are other universes with other versions of ourselves, how do we really know ours is best?

Sonnet 17
The fairest of them all is she,
the brightest in the firmament
with blazing tales of charity
that in good times no foes are tent;
the fairest of them all is she
who brings to life that rarity
what should be as what endures,
a sight which only man obscures;
the fairest of them all is she
who keeps a level playing field
and to no score is made to yield.
The fairest of them all is she
and he — who takes her at her word,
and he who takes her — at her word.

So, the episode title was misleading, but inspiring, and “Evil” Spock’s goatee? I’m just really unsure how I feel about it. Leonard Nimoy certainly pulled it off, it just doesn’t suit the Spock aesthetic (those Vulcan eyebrows must be throwing me).



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