Is There No Truth In Beauty? The Eye of the Beholder

Once upon a time, Spock was offered a job working with a psychic ambassador too hideous? for human eyes to behold without beholding human going insane. He turned it down because he liked his job aboard the Enterprise, obviously. Now, the ambassador is aboard the Enterprise with a lovely female human companion who’s still a little jealous about Spock being offered the gig first.

She — being incredibly psychic — was educated on Vulcan so that she could learn to control her abilities, in particular her ability to not read minds. The whole episode plays with that all-too-common fairy tale motif of a beauty not being beautiful within and those who are beautiful within having the appearance of a beast.

Spock has an interesting moment of a full-on mind-meld with the ambassador when they need his navigational prowess, but only because — as it so happens — his companion is blind. She wears the shiny jeweled net overdress thing that is actually filled with sensors that she can convince those around her she isn’t blind.

This woman fascinates me, I’m totally going to riff off her for a story which is why she gets no poem. Watch the episode. Watch the episode. Watch the episode Is There In Truth No Beauty.



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