Fortunate Son: Unfortunate Events

This episode was clearly meant to showcase the character of Travis Mayweather who was born on a space-freighter and then gave up the life of his forebears for a career with Starfleet. I wanted so much more from this episode, but as soon as we were sown the alien hostage I knew it was all downhill.

Ladies and gentleman, that which was to be a foundation episode was made into a throwaway. Two freighter-born sides of the same coin, the guy that left for Starfleet and the guy who carries on the tradition; the former’s family still going strong, the latter’s family all killed so now his crew is his family.

I don’t even know what to write about this episode. Captain Archer actually takes the lead for most of the episode which is supposed to center on Travis and literally hands off the motivational speech to Travis at the end.

If anything, Archer and his activities should have been the ones playing second fiddle this episode and the speech was completely undercut considering the “where are they now” family situations of Travis and his episode counterpart.

I should start taking down the names of who writes what episodes so I can say things like “Classic Duff, doesn’t let the crew members shine when and where they need to” but then I’d have to point fingers at the directors of the episodes and I don’t want to be mad at LeVar Burton. Ever.

Reading Rainbow, guys.
Reading Rainbow.

Plus, pointing fingers is mostly bad for your health [scientific studies probably pending or nonexistent, I’m feeling a little to listless to check on that one].