Eye of the Beholder: Children Will Listen

Once upon a time there was an episode of Twilight Zone that broke my heart because an astronaut with technology sufficient enough to travel to an alien world was then locked up in a zoo with no human companionship save the human-looking locals who stood outside his exhibit to gawk and to laugh.

For that astronaut, I would totally write a sonnet. But this is a blog about the many faces and crews of the Star Trek universe.

And the child who saves the day has me thinking.
Sonnet 77
All hail the sweet initiate
who by their curiosity
did in a breath find their playmate
one better left to their degree.
All hail the one whose innocence
made swiftest use of moral sense
and to those grown did recommend
a timeline for their newfound friend.
When we remeet some ages hence,
will this young one an elder be
awaiting dialogues more free?
When we know how to mark the tense
how near or far have we to go
before the young one's name we know?



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