Engineering Log: The T.H. Epic, Schematics Vol.4

Still not accidentally posting the same thing twice, I’m purposely posting the same words 11 times so that all these numbers have some context. This is round 4 of 11 such posts.

In the off-chance that you are interested in writing a line of verse for every second in a 12-hour period with the end lines of each stanza/poem being determined by the various crossings of the three clock hands, here’s all of those calculations made for you from when the crossings happen to how many lines of verse that makes.

Please note

1 Calculations were quadruple-checked using a spreadsheet and estimations of when/how to round down or up were made by said spreadsheet.

2 Sometimes the second-hand crosses both the minute- and hour-hands within the same fraction of a second, but not at the same exact time. All three hands only align at midnight/noon/12 when the epic ends.

3 The second-hand crossing the hour-hand happens 719 times every 12 hours and is marked “S crosses H.” The second-hand crossing the minute-hand happens 59 times every hour and is marked “S crosses M.” The minute-hand crossing the hour-hand happens 11 times every 12 hours and is marked “M crosses H.”

4 I did originally post these calculations as numbered lists, went back and copy/pasted the relevant section of the spreadsheet to avoid any typos from throwing off your ability to write your own timed horological epic.

5 The list of times below is only for One -Eleventh of the crossings, listing of all the crossings is happening over 11 posts with each ending with one of the 11 times that the minute-hand crosses the hour-hand.

Seconds 11,783 to 15,709

55linesS crosses H3:17:16.16
1lineS crosses M3:17:17.17
59linesS crosses H3:18:17.17
2linesS crosses M3:18:18.18
58linesS crosses H3:19:17.17
3linesS crosses M3:19:19.19
57linesS crosses H3:20:17.17
4linesS crosses M3:20:20.20
56linesS crosses H3:21:17.17
5linesS crosses M3:21:21.21
56linesS crosses H3:22:17.17
6linesS crosses M3:22:22.22
55linesS crosses H3:23:17.17
6linesS crosses M3:23:23.23
54linesS crosses H3:24:17.17
7linesS crosses M3:24:24.24
53linesS crosses H3:25:17.17
8linesS crosses M3:25:25.25
52linesS crosses H3:26:17.17
9linesS crosses M3:26:26.26
51linesS crosses H3:27:17.17
10linesS crosses M3:27:27.27
50linesS crosses H3:28:17.17
11linesS crosses M3:28:28.28
49linesS crosses H3:29:17.17
12linesS crosses M3:29:29.29
48linesS crosses H3:30:18.18
13linesS crosses M3:30:31.31
47linesS crosses H3:31:18.18
14linesS crosses M3:31:32.32
46linesS crosses H3:32:18.18
15linesS crosses M3:32:33.33
45linesS crosses H3:33:18.18
16linesS crosses M3:33:34.34
44linesS crosses H3:34:18.18
17linesS crosses M3:34:35.35
43linesS crosses H3:35:18.18
18linesS crosses M3:35:36.36
42linesS crosses H3:36:18.18
19linesS crosses M3:36:37.37
41linesS crosses H3:37:18.18
20linesS crosses M3:37:38.38
41linesS crosses H3:38:18.18
20linesS crosses M3:38:39.39
40linesS crosses H3:39:18.18
21linesS crosses M3:39:40.40
39linesS crosses H3:40:18.18
22linesS crosses M3:40:41.41
38linesS crosses H3:41:18.18
23linesS crosses M3:41:42.42
37linesS crosses H3:42:19.19
24linesS crosses M3:42:43.43
36linesS crosses H3:43:19.19
25linesS crosses M3:43:44.44
35linesS crosses H3:44:19.19
26linesS crosses M3:44:45.45
34linesS crosses H3:45:19.19
27linesS crosses M3:45:46.46
33linesS crosses H3:46:19.19
28linesS crosses M3:46:47.47
32linesS crosses H3:47:19.19
29linesS crosses M3:47:48.48
31linesS crosses H3:48:19.19
30linesS crosses M3:48:49.49
30linesS crosses H3:49:19.19
31linesS crosses M3:49:50.50
29linesS crosses H3:50:19.19
32linesS crosses M3:50:51.51
28linesS crosses H3:51:19.19
33linesS crosses M3:51:52.52
27linesS crosses H3:52:19.19
34linesS crosses M3:52:53.53
27linesS crosses H3:53:19.19
34linesS crosses M3:53:54.54
26linesS crosses H3:54:20.20
35linesS crosses M3:54:55.55
25linesS crosses H3:55:20.20
36linesS crosses M3:55:56.56
24linesS crosses H3:56:20.20
37linesS crosses M3:56:57.57
23linesS crosses H3:57:20.20
38linesS crosses M3:57:58.58
22linesS crosses H3:58:20.20
39linesS crosses M3:58:59.59
21linesS crosses H3:59:20.20
40linesS crosses M4:00:00.00
20linesS crosses H4:00:20.20
41linesS crosses M4:01:01.01
19linesS crosses H4:01:20.20
42linesS crosses M4:02:02.02
18linesS crosses H4:02:20.20
43linesS crosses M4:03:03.03
17linesS crosses H4:03:20.20
44linesS crosses M4:04:04.04
16linesS crosses H4:04:20.20
45linesS crosses M4:05:05.05
15linesS crosses H4:05:20.20
46linesS crosses M4:06:06.06
14linesS crosses H4:06:21.21
47linesS crosses M4:07:07.07
13linesS crosses H4:07:21.21
48linesS crosses M4:08:08.08
13linesS crosses H4:08:21.21
48linesS crosses M4:09:09.09
12linesS crosses H4:09:21.21
49linesS crosses M4:10:10.10
11linesS crosses H4:10:21.21
50linesS crosses M4:11:11.11
10linesS crosses H4:11:21.21
51linesS crosses M4:12:12.12
9linesS crosses H4:12:21.21
52linesS crosses M4:13:13.13
8linesS crosses H4:13:21.21
53linesS crosses M4:14:14.14
7linesS crosses H4:14:21.21
54linesS crosses M4:15:15.15
6linesS crosses H4:15:21.21
55linesS crosses M4:16:16.16
5linesS crosses H4:16:21.21
56linesS crosses M4:17:17.17
4linesS crosses H4:17:21.21
57linesS crosses M4:18:18.18
3linesS crosses H4:18:22.22
58linesS crosses M4:19:19.19
2linesS crosses H4:19:22.22
59linesS crosses M4:20:20.20
1lineS crosses H4:20:22.22
60linesS crosses M4:21:21.21
0linesS crosses H4:21:22.22
27linesM crosses H4:21:49.49