Day of the Dove: Spock-Eating Toaster

Ignoring the way the show is more-and-more toeing the line of the race issue via Klingons; ignoring the fact that Klingons are violent because they have to be in order to survive because their home-worlds are less-than-stellar (pun intended); and, ignoring the ever problematic issue of the treatment of women on this show and every other sci-fi show ever:

This episode makes me grateful for the second Ghostbusters movie.

The villain feeds off of negative emotions. Mood Slime feeds off of all emotions.

The villain makes people think/feel bad things. Mood Slime makes you feel what she’s feeling (she’s always seemed like a Posy to me).

The villain is somehow chased away by being insulted (illogical and just lazy writing). Posy can do thisAnd this!

What can I say? I’ve been in a mood. I still managed to write a poem about the actual episode:

Sonnet 30
Low she flies, though just out of reach,
fanning the flames of paradise
she lacks in plumage, though not in speech
for those who would take fair advice
and put aside their childish fret
before their life is all regret.
Too simple is the cutting blade,
but simpler still is what she prayed:
“See clear the fight that is not yours,
the battle born of fools in fog
that leaves no room for epilogue.
Born on the waves of further shores,
a tune, which all things hear and fear
may never come, is still most dear.”



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