Dagger of the Mind: Fools Rush In

First-ever mind meld!
Awkward, post-coital eye-contact!
Crazy, brain-hijacking doctor!

Okay, maybe there wasn’t any actual coitus (poor Kirk), but one-off character Dr. Helen Noel makes it quite obvious to the rest of us she regretted that being the case. By us I mean the viewers and Spock who found all witnessed interactions to be very amusing.

Anyway, the whole brain-hijacking doctor thing got me thinking, especially about McCoy’s bedside manner, and that lead to a sonnet:

Sonnet 2
A vow to honor and obey
was made, a sacred trust to earn
for you the right to hear them pray,
that their great fears you might adjourn.
No solemn word departs your lips
except for when there are no hips;
but, who shall bend an ear for you
or kiss away those beads of dew
that find you in the lonely hour
when you would feign to be at peace,
not seeing that your still caprice
takes all good will and makes it sour.
So, Dear, if you would do no harm,
do heal yourself and take my arm.



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