Court Martial: You Just Got Spocked

Kirk has been framed for murder. Over a job.

I get it. Being captain of the Enterprise is a sweet gig.

Faking your own death and pinning it on the captain so you can destroy the ship? Not actually accomplishing anything of real value.

Also, Spock is bound to figure out how you did it and help his best bud. Case closed. Pun intended.

Fun fact: Lines 7 through 11 were partly inspired by Jon Stewart and his work on The Daily Show.

Sonnet 9
What danger is a play of law
when rhyme and reason put to task
cannot explain what no man saw
for evidence is but a mask.
A lesser man has done this thing
to plague the conscience of a king
defended only by a fool
who makes integrity his tool.
A jester may not always deal
in facts, but he is granted port
to give the truth its day in court.
Whereat, all faithful subjects heel
the breach and thus reveal the skulk
whose fatal farce was but a sulk.



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