Conscience of a King: There’s Rosemary, That’s for Remembrance

Kirk flirting with 19-year-olds bums me out. Other than that though I was very pleased. Totally knew she was behind it when she came out as Lady Macbeth, but the Ophelia twist just about killed me. Pun intended.

Also, feel super bad for her dad who was trying to do the right thing and then got screwed by the little, all-important thing called timing. Trying to justify it to himself as a character he was forced to play and then escaping into other characters? Just lovely.

Sonnet 6
Harsh words come first of such a man
as he who would decide the fate
of tenants so to spread the span
of their supplies as they await
that welcome hour of support
only to find the wait so short
there was no need to compensate
with blood where now the food does spate.
What would you ask of justice blind?
With torments full and years that creep
upon a brow by ghosts in keep,
he carries all he left behind.
What other harvest could he reap?
What other harvest could he reap?